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Lithium Battery Electrode Roller Press Jan 06,2021

Turn on the power switch of the electrode rolling press machine, and wipe the steel roller with alcohol dipped in the dishcloth.The requirement before turning on the equipment are as follows.

1. Check the emergency stop switch to maintain the access state before turning on the power

2. The surface of the steel roller to oil and particles.

Adjust the gap of the steel roller,different battery mode had different roller press parameter,and we don’t bat around at here,but should notice the roller press stroke,avoid the lock phenomenon of the servo motor.

battery electrode rolling press machine

Take suitable electrode roller press,verification the gap of the steel roller the requirement is as follow:

1. Steel roller gap adjust to process requirement range.

2. Keep the balance of the electrode and the micrometer.

Put the roll materials onto unwinding shaft,adjust it to suitable position,fix it and put the electrode between the two roller,requirement:the electrode should parallel of the front and rear,couldn’t side mounted the electrode on the air,and could not oblique.

Turn on the tension system and auto rectify system before roller press,and notice adjust the tension,could not too tight or too loosen,after adjust the tension should confirm it with the process and quality.

On the electrode roller press process,weight requirement is as follow:

1. Should notice the vertical of the electrode and micrometer.

2. Keep same of the hand move speed and the electrode move speed.

After materials roller press should wipe the surface of the roller,use anti-rust oil wipe the surface of the roller after the waste out.

At last it is batter use different equipment to roller press cathode and anode,if don’t have two roller press machine and must use one roller press machine to dispose both of cathode and anode,you must clean up the roller.

And the electrode will have the water after roller press,should put it into the oven and baking it.

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